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Age Group Curriculum

Our program is designed so that as the child moves up there is continuity from one age grouping to the next.

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(14 months – 2 1/2 years)​

  • Communication is a partnership with parents. The focus of this partnership is to develop a plan to include each child’s individual needs, temperament, and cues.

  • Guidance is positive. The goal is to help guide children toward controlling their own behavior

  • Children are provided with a sensory rich environment that invites exploration and optimum learning experiences. Solitary and parallel play is respected and supported. Appropriate space and materials are provided organized and easily accessible.

  • Daily schedules are flexible and smooth dictated by the children’s needs. Activities are balanced to support active and quiet play both indoors and outdoors.

  • Self help skills are encouraged to help children learn about their world, acquire skills and regulate their behavior.


ECEAP/ Headstart Blend (2 1/2 – 5 years)​

  • Communication is a partnership with parents. It is a priority to continue to build a relationship with families in order to plan for each child.

  • Children are provided with an environment that gives them the opportunity to foster positive relationships and be an active participant in the classroom community.

  • Daily schedules allow for active and quiet time Extended periods in learning centers for more complex play are offered.

  • Teachers frequently engage children in planning and reflecting on their experiences.

  • Teachers promote learning and development by providing assistance and or add supports to enable each child to master a challenge just beyond his current level.

  • We incorporate kindergarten readiness into our program by working with the local schools to prepare our children for the transition into kindergarten.


(School Age: K-5th Grade)

  • Assistance with homework challenges and tutoring in specific areas as requested when we plan with parents.

  • An environment that is flexible for indoor and outdoor activities as well as the freedom to chose active or quiet play

  • Field trips

  • Summer Enrichment Program

  • Teachers offer opportunities that promote initiative, cooperation and other pro-social behaviors, perseverance, task orientation, and self orientation by providing engaging activities, encouraging individual choices, allowing ample time for children to complete work, and ensuring numerous opportunities for one-on-one time with the teacher or with friends.

Transportation to the following schools is provided

  • McCarver Elementary transportation provided by Tacoma School District

  • Bryant Montessori transportation provided by Tacoma Day

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